Go walking: keep you and your business healthy

How many business hours do you spend sitting in front of a screen? Why not book a walking meeting with us and start focusing on your own health as well as your business health.
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3 cloud accounting tips to save your business time and money

Accounting tasks don’t have to eat into your business time. With the right cloud accounting software, you can save time and money – while also getting tighter control over your finances.

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Business tips: Making the most of digital and cloud

Going digital is a no-brainer for any forward-thinking business. We’ve summarised the big advantages of embracing cloud tech and a digital business model.
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5 ways to get in control of your business finances

Having proper control of your business finances is a big advantage. It helps you make well-informed business decisions and keeps your organisation profitable.

We’ve got 5 simple ways to get more from your finances – by embracing the latest in digital accounting and finance apps.

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Home Energy Grants 2022

Updated information has been received on Home Energy Grants in 2022 which we thought would be of value to share. We have outlined the schemes below, together with what it covers and how the process works. At the end of the blog you can also download a PDF of this information and click on the seai website link for more information on how to apply. We have also included other…  Read more

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